Our focus

To ensure we deliver the very best solution for your machining application we focus on
Defining requirements

Key to ensuring that we deliver the best possible solution to your machining problems is understanding what your expectations are. Is cost per unit, cycle time or tooling cost the driver for your organization? Spending time on these questions prior to cutting a workpiece ensures there is a long term dividend for your organization.

Designing the process

Once the customer’s expectations have been determined we can then design a process to suit those needs. Our cutting tool and metal working fluids supply base represents the very best in class of European, Japanese and US manufacturers and offers us the widest choice in designing a machining process.

Implementing the solution

At Novatech Engineering we like to think that our hands on approach to implementing a manufacturing solution sets us apart from the competition. It’s also one of the reasons our happy customers return again and again with their machining problems.


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About US

Excellence through experience
Delivering quality machining solutions to our customers since 2009

From the outset we were determined that Novatech Engineering would stand out from the crowd in delivering quality machining solutions to our customers. With over 30 years experience in production engineering and applications engineering we have seen the world of metal cutting from all sides of the supply chain. Our discerning customers are companies who manufacture medical devices, orthopedic implants, injection moulds, aerospace, oil and gas components as well as those involved in general subcontract. In a few short years we earned a reputation as a developer of machining processes for complex and tight tolerance components. In addition to this capability we relish the opportunity of improving existing processes whether it be improving cycle time, reducing cost per unit or improving the process stability.

  • Independent supply base
  • Best in class solutions
  • Profitablity thro partnership
  • Full line supply

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