High-end cooling lubricants for demanding materials to meet every application need.

The demands on metalworking processes are constantly increasing. Machine techniques and machining methods are becoming increasingly complex, as are the materials to be processed. At Oemeta you’ll find a comprehensive portfolio of products comprising state-of-the-art cooling lubricants for demanding machining that give you maximum process reliability and economic efficiency combined with human compatibility and sustainability.

Water-miscible cooling lubricants

Our product innovations meet all requirements for highly productive machining as well as the legal standards – for both universal and specific applications.

Two-component cooling lubricants

Oemeta’s HYCUT products are based on synthetic ester oils: they can be used as machining oils and two-component cooling lubricants, for example.

Cutting and grinding oils

Oemeta’s cutting and grinding oils ensure sound occupational safety and a lower level of consumption. They also reduce wear and improve process reliability.

Oil-free cooling lubricants

Our oil-free high-performance cooling lubricants are suitable for various grinding operations as well as light and medium machining operations (such as turning, drilling, milling).

Minimum-quantity lubricants

Oemeta MQL products largely reduce lubricant quantities, significantly increase tool life and leave no lubricant residues.

DIN oils / process aids

Oemeta offers hydraulic fluids, pressure transfer media, slide way oils, forming lubricants, assembly slip agents and other products related to metalworking. 

Control additives

The precisely matched Oemeta control additives return the property parameters of the emulsion or machining oil back to the optimum range.


Oemeta offers powerful alkaline and neutral cleaners for the optimum cleaning of components and machine tools. They are free of phosphates.


A comprehensive range of accessories is available for the handling and care of Oemeta products such as dosing systems, oil skimmers and refractometers.

logyc Software and logyclab

Fluid management is the service solution for Oemeta cooling lubricants, ensuring efficient and economical application of the MWF products used.

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