Process Engineering

Specialized Machining Services

As an independent distributor, we offer comprehensive manufacturing solutions for various components using a wide range of specialized application products from different suppliers. Our flexibility allows us to tailor solutions to customer needs without being tied to a single manufacturer’s product range.

Component Analysis and Process Development

Starting with the component drawing or model, we create machining processes that can be complete or partial, based on the specific requirements of the customer.

Specialized Machining Areas

We collaborate with specialist suppliers in several machining areas to ensure the best results for our customers. Our expertise includes:


Suitable for both fixed and sliding head machines.

Small Hole Drilling

Precision drilling of small holes.

Deep Hole Drilling

Proficient in creating deep holes with precision.

Hole Reaming

Expertise in reaming holes in various ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Thread Production

Capability to create internal and external threads.

Grooving and Part Off

Proficiency in grooving and parting off processes.


Skilled in milling using both round shank and indexable milling cutters.

Work and Tool Holding Solutions

We provide solutions for work holding and tool holding suitable for sliding head, fixed head, and prismatic machining.

Metal Working Fluids:

We offer tailored metal working fluids that match the machining materials and local water quality, completing the supply chain.

Experience and Process Enhancement

We have extensive experience in developing new processes for NPI as well as improving productivity and quality levels in existing processes. Our supply base allows us to tailor the machining process to fit the customers technical and budgetary requirements.

  • Developing new processes for New Product Introduction (NPI).
  • Enhancing productivity and quality in existing processes.